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Life is Like a Boomerang - You Are What You Think ...

As long as you are going to go about your day thinking anyway, you may as well "think big". Anyone can think small, and most people do. In fact, most people keep themselves in the same place in life, doing the exact same thing, without significant growth or change because of limited or conditioned thinking. 


It is probably true that many of your current and future clients or family and friends are living in that place right now. Who better to support them than you? Don't just think about what is possible, think about what might seem nearly impossible, that would require you to grow and move beyond whom you currently know yourself to be. Think about what you have always wanted to do or have in your life ... those things that your heart speaks of. While you are at it, see big things for your clients, family and friends too! There is wisdom in the saying that whatever we give comes back again. When we think good things for others, good things return to us, whether physically, emotionally or spiritually. 

QUOTE: "If you can dream it, you can do it." ~ Walt Disney

Thinking big equals going big. Thinking small means staying small. You decide. You get to choose your thoughts. Try giving big thought and energy to the direction of your life and those around you and who you are becoming as a person. 

Be outrageous and let your imagination fly! 
It means allowing yourself to stretch and believe in the beauty of your dreams.


"I am grateful for the wisdom of knowing that whatever I give comes back again, just like a boomerang.  With this wisdom, I can easily now see and receive all things wonderful for others and myself."

To achieve the maximum increase, read the above affirmation aloud 7 times each morning and 7 times each evening for the next 30 days.