- Do YOU Need a Coach?
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Do I Need a Coach?
Image For Success Coaching is a personal and professional development, client-focused service where an individual, couple or group is assumed to be substance abuse free, healthy, cognitive and able to achieve goals with effective support and guidance
Some of the differences between Therapy and Coaching are:
Conventional Therapy leans towards…
Assumes the Client Needs Healing 
Roots In: Medicine, Psychiatry 
Works with people to achieve self-understanding and emotional healing
Focuses on feelings and PAST events 
Feelings, Discussion Oriented 
Works to bring the unconscious into consciousness 
Works for internal resolution of pain and to let go of old patterns 

Driven by Unresolved Issues 
Therapist offers no personal disclosure 
Nurturing, Supportive 
Needs Help 
Asks Why (issue resolution) 
Focuses on the root of Problems 
(Why me? Why this?)  
Usually moves at a measured pace 

Coaching leans towards…
Assumes the Client is Whole
Roots In: Sports, Business, Personal Growth and Performance Venues
Works with people to achieve a higher level of functioning
Focuses on actions and the FUTURE
Education, Collaboration, More Action Oriented
Works with the Conscious Mind

Works for external solutions to overcome barriers, learn new skills & implement effective choices

Chooses Goals and Actions
Coach offers personal disclosure as useful
Catalyzing, Challenging
Wants a Partner

Asks What (problem solving)
Focuses on Solutions 
(What’s next? What now?)
Often moves at a rapid pace 
... Knows When to Refer to Therapy