- Testimonials
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1. "I know that the biggest thing I have received from your Coaching is AWARENESS!! I am now aware of things that I am tolerating, my energy and the energies around me, and how I and those around me may be trying to sabotage my new way of living. By gaining this new awareness, I am now able to unplug from the negatives and get in touch with the real me. Your Coaching has made such a big impact on my life and I know that I will never be the same again. You have opened up my eyes to a new world and I know that your Coaching will be with me always. THANK YOU, PHYLLIS!!

2. "This was FUN! Let's do another 6 months of coaching!"

3. "I called you for one reason; I see who you are and what you've got. . . . I want some too!"


5. "I feel so proud of what I've accomplished when I look at my new resume. I like sending it out now, knowing I can pick and choose the interviews I will accept."

6. "I received two offers this week with my Image for Success resume. Now all I have to do is decide which company will make me the most happy!"

7. "I was so excited after we talked that I immediately went back to my office and started throwing out things that I hadn't needed for months! I also noticed that I changed the way I was speaking to my assistant. My system for managing business has been holding me back and look at what happened after just one session with you! WOW!"

8. "In the beginning, I thought that all I would be getting from Coaching would be to help my business be more successful. Instead, what I received has made me take better care of myself, while at the same time significantly impacting my bottom line. I've worked with other consultants who ended up leaving when what I really needed was someone to stand beside me while I implemented new ways of "Attracting" my perfect client. I really believe I received far more than what I paid for and certainly more than what I expected to get from working with you. Thanks, Coach!"

9. "Overall, this TeleClass helped me with "out the box" thinking and expanded my creativity. I am impressed with the value of just one hour of Coaching with you. Thanks for everything!"

10. "Thank you for the great class! I found your suggestions of various ways to collaborate with others to bring services to clients in order to market your own services to be very helpful. Sometimes it just takes a mention of something to get me thinking of many more ideas. Great reminder of our circle of influence! We are closer to more powerful 'endorsers' than anyone of us realizes! All the best to you!"

11. "I could have used your help 2 1/2 years ago ... I took the long road to recovery and the damage ... unreal. If someone is not sure they need your services, have them call me. I would be more than happy to give them a quick summary of the long version outcome and cost. Textbook - "On Your Own," or maybe titled; "Executive With An Ego."

12. "You were my coach from March to June and I've been very happy ever since. You've made such a difference in my life that I just wanted to remember you during the holidays and wish you and your family a healthy and happy New Year filled with peace and love. I try to live by what you've taught me and my relationships with work and family have improved a great deal. You helped me to get the job that I wanted and since then I've continued on my course for self improvement. I think of you often and miss you."