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Reframe and Innovate

Does your business or service (for that matter, your life) require innovation and marketing to grow? Then who is going to reframe it for you?

"The process of reframing requires a new intelligence, at least a more broad dispersal of a particular kind of intelligence – because humans don’t like to reframe their circumstances.

The cognitive psychology of change tells us that reframing causes us cognitive pain. Brain science also tells us that the capacity of working memory is actually quite limited, so we build strong mental models based around our experiences and learning. These models allow us to interact coherently, in real time with the world around us. That means, for the most part, our reflex is to use existing models and explanations of events, people, situations, to explain anything new that might arrive. Challenges to those coherence models are unwelcome.  

For example, in medical science when a bacteriologist, Barry Marshall, claimed that stomach ulcers were caused by a bug, the reaction of the gastroenterology community was hostile. For Marshall, coming from a bacteriological background, there was no coherence problem with his explanation. Gastroenterologists, however, had to unlearn before they could learn. Few people wish to do that. And doing it, in that particular case, took a decade."

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